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04 Dec 2022, 12:00 GMT+5:30
Colombo Innovation Tower
Dr. Theonie Anthonisz is a medical professional and psychologist with local and international experience. Along with kalyana, Dr. Theonie talks on how creativity can help emotional intelligence in children and the importance of it.

Pramodha Weerasekera is a researcher, writer, and curator based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. She holds a BA (Hons) in English (University of Colombo), an LLB (Hons) (University of London), and an Attorney-at-Law (Sri Lanka).


She has been the Assistant Curator Education and Public Programmes at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Sri Lanka since its inception in 2019. Her role at the museum mainly involves curating public programmes and outreach to schools and universities in conjunction with exhibitions and more. Her research interests are literary theory, justice, gender, and interconnections between visual cultures and text. Pramodha has also written for platforms such as ASAP|Art in an independent capacity.

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Clinical Psychologist, Physician and Founder and Director at Angel Keepers Pvt Ltd 

A medical professional and Psychologist with over twenty years of experience in International and Local Business sectors. Dr. Theonie earned her Doctor of Medicine in the USA and UK before moving to Sri Lanka twelve years ago where she started working as a Counsellor and Senior Management Coach. She has worked with organizations like CTC, Hemas, MAS Linea Aqua to name a few.

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