Artist Spotlight:

Anoma Wijewardene

Artist Spotlight: Video Art Collection

16 Jan, 11:00 - 11:30 GMT+5:30

Online Event

Presenting the three art videos created by Anoma which explore the passions of the artist in collaboration with musicians, dancers, writers and poets.


Anoma 1-01.jpg

I Hear those Voices that will not be Drowned

The installation of mirrors and floating, swirling images of men, women and children provides the dynamic space for an intimate performance by Venuri Perera which evokes feelings of loss, memory and displacement; and embraces our longing for truth, love and our constant hope for healing and renewal.

Anoma 2-01.jpg

Mi Casa Es tu Casa - my home is your home

Thoughts on harmony, inclusivity, diversity and migration are encompassed in Mi Casa Es Tu Casa. This trilingual installation combines quotes on inclusivity, abstract images of nature and maps of Sri Lanka as it’s backdrop. Venuri Perera performs within the installation to the score by Ranga Dissanayake alongside the powerful words of Arundhati Roy.

Anoma 3-01.jpg


The protection and celebration of nature and our fragile planet, is a collaborative work of the paintings underscored with sounds of nature and combined with the haunting poetry written specially for Deliverance by Ramya Chamalie Jirasinghe.