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Sri Lanka Design Festival 2023

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AI  provides us with a valuable opportunity to generate fluid brand systems that  can be used to imagine possible and impossible futures, whilst staying connected with the design agenda of today.

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In a world connected digitally how can your business leverage culture to grow your exports?

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A captivating and eye opening documentary focusing on bamboo as a building material and the future of the bamboo industry in Sri Lanka followed by a discussion with the heart and soul behind this movement.  

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Listen to their journey to revive and modernise this centuries-old craft through research, experiments and collaborations with designers, architects and designers at SLDF 2023

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Sri Lanka is one of the world's most popular destinations for food and travel. But what about design?

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Meet the Sculptor who proudly represented Sri Lanka at the global stage of the "World Youth Forum-Egypt 2019", the “Artexpo New York 2023”

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Parley for the Oceans is a new form of an environmental organization combining direct impact, material innovation and leadership education.

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Delve into the transformative landscape where artificial intelligence meets human ingenuity, unravelling the ways in which AI enhances and collaborates with our creative processes.

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We see characters everywhere.. in movies, in comics and in books. They all have their own personal characteristics, quirks and stories. Join me as I take you through famous characters in the history of design. 

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Meet a  new breed of local design thinkers that explore new perceptions and experiences of design, Through the integration of thought provoking concepts through entrepreneurship and innovation.

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This exculsive SLDF forum brings together AOD’s alumni for a discussion on the pivotal role of designers in pushing the boundaries of traditional thinking to addressing social challenges. 

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The Streets of Colombo are a collective of photographers dedicated to nurturing and promoting the art of street photography in Sri Lanka. 

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The global impact of Phoenix Industries' transformation is a testament to the dynamic synergy between Marc Castello and Anam Omar. 

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