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Sri Lanka 
Design Festival*

Economic protectionism today pushes for creating from within, finding new alternatives and new identities. At SLDF 2022, we’re unfolding the identity of a New Local, with a panoramic look into the creative landscape of our island, and looking at how Design is creating a space for local expressions, information, conversations and creations that will allow us to build a New Local identity. 


As we align with this year’s concept “Panoramically New, Pano- ramically Local, Design ලෝකයක්”, we’re showcasing a panoramic view into different creative industries that accelerate localism to sustain globalism, and how these  industries intersect, how they contribute and how they define the local identity. 


Come witness the panoramic view of these optimistic realms for the future, emerging at the pace of one revolutionary idea at a time, within our island paradise Sri Lanka at SLDF 2022.

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The Sri Lanka Design Festival (SLDF) was conceptualised by the Academy of Design (AOD) in 2009 to fulfill the need for a platform with global reach to support and strengthen the growing design initiatives and activity in Sri Lanka.

Over the past decade, AOD has established itself as the most trusted partner for design led industries in Sri Lanka and abroad. AOD believes in the power of design to create greater impact, and conceptualized the Sri Lanka Design Festival to be a global platform that connects industries, creatives, emerging designers and the public to inspire and learn from each other the impact design can have.

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