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17th Floor

Encompassing art and retail, get a review into the creative industries that contribute to building the local creative identity and stabilizing the supply chain. Arti.facts allows you to grasp the creative export market in Sri Lanka and understand the narratives in retail and also art in a cultural and local context. A panoramic display and point of view how artisans, artists, designers and brands come together through innovation and design to strengthen the journey of exports in Sri Lanka.

Artisans Live

Take a panoramic view into the back end of production of local products that add  to culture, the local creative landscape and help sustain the global creative market. In this space you get to witness artisans create their art live. 

Contemporary Exhibition

A panoramic display of artworks and installations that gives you a 360 view of the local creative landscape. This space will include A series of contemporary artists and their display of glocal topics, mix media, and sculpture.


Retail Artefacts

Retail plays a crucial part in sustaining and defining the creative supply chain. Retail Artefacts will hold a variety of brands that influence and shape the local creative landscape as well as the new local identity.

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