Ground floor

Design is all around us, and will continue to. Space Re.Gen. will feature the next generation of designers, who are constantly pushing boundaries in their own spaces. Located on the ground floor, Space Re.Gen will aspire and introduce you to the world of AOD, giving you a panoramic view from its Alumni to Grad School Students as well as CIT Kids and its Local School Clubs around the Island. This space is all about showing you the way to be part of the constantly metamorphosing world of Design & its impact.

Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame is a space that displays the future of the local design world. Featuring Alumni and MA student displays this space is curated to be futuristic, progressive and intellectually stimulating. 

Re.Gen Human Library 

The Human Library is a space for you to meet creatives from different fields and it allows you to create conversations, have discussions, share ideas and even pick their brains over a cup of coffee.  

Future Design for Kids

In collaboration with CIT Kids, SLDF is hosting Big Little Worlds; a display of works by young creatives that allows us to step into their Big Little worlds and a series of workshops for kids, teens and even parents that create the future local creative landscape.

Big little worlds cover-01.jpg

Think straight? No, think wide. Think up, think down, think sideways and around. Think panoramic. Think new. Think design.

CIT kids is opening up their space for all the little ones to show off their creative worlds. Register your child artist here!